The Music yuh are longing for after a long and stressful week, coz it mek yuh feel irie again, seen!
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Big up to all Supporters of Sunny Friday Sound! With passion and Luv let me fill u weekend with nice selections, wicked parties and nuff nuff caribbean vibes.

Let me present u my newest work the Sunny Friday Special Mixtape
"ACOUSTIC MELODY RELOADED" as a gift to all people dat admire acoustic vibes as much as I do. Dis mix is dedicated to everybody dat sometimes need some time to think about life and all tings around. Enjoy it and Feel it - coz it comin straight from my heart.

Check "Download - Specials" to get it...

Big tings a gwaan for Sunny Friday in 2k10. Some Tapes were released and a lot of parties have been runned already. And di year nah over yet! Also join:

with Selectress Mika

Every Saturday from
2-4 pm (European Time)

Check di Podcast for all shows!



*Big Opening in Halle*

- di new regular bashment -

Everblazin' (20.2.2009, Tanzbar Palette - Halle/Saale)

Thank yuh...
fi visit our big Opening of di brand new bashment "Everblazin" inna di Tanzbar Palette (Halle)! We really enjoyed to celebrate di new Bashment wit yuh!! Hope to see yuh again on next dates...

**Pics by Mika Raguaa**


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